How to Compute GWA?

GWA (Grade Weighted Average), a crucial academic indicator, measures students’ course performance over a particular academic period. GWA plays a vital role in the qualification process, whether you are applying for admission, qualifying for a scholarship, or graduate study. Nonetheless, here is a query on how to compute a GWA. To compute GWA, multiply obtained grade in each course by its credit units, up the products, and divide by the total credit unit.

In this guide, we will explore the fundamentals of how to compute GWA, different computing methods, and how GWA is a valuable tool in evaluating academic performance. Let’s explore!

What is GWA?

General Weighted Average numerical indicator used to evaluate students’ overall academic performance whether he is studying in college, school, or university. Computation of a GWA at a particular level, such as master, doctoral, or undergraduate is done based on all subject grades. It is also used to assess students’ eligibility criteria for scholarships as well as for admission (at the National or International Level). It’s no secret that by providing a comprehensive picture of students’ performance, GWA plays a crucial role in decision-making and academic evaluation.

What is GWA?

GWA Computing Formula In Colleges



GWA= General Weighted Average

  • gi – Grade of each course
  • ui – Units or credits of each course
  • i – Index of the summation
  • its value ranges from i =1, i =2, up to i=n
  • n – Total number of courses.

Example: How To Compute GWA of A College Student

Let’s say we want to take a GWA of the grades that are given in following table:

Course NameCourse UnitsCourse Grade
Computer Science51.50

Using the GWA formula, we evaluate the Grade Weighted Average. Sum the products of course grades, their corresponding course units and divide that sum by the total.




= 1.30555

= 1.31

That’s how we compute the Grade Weighted Average but remember each institution has a different procedure. So, if you’re going to apply to any institution for a scholarship then make sure what the procedure of their GWA computing is.

How To Compute GWA For A University?

Here is the complete procedure to compute GWA in the university. Read carefully and follow.

GWA = (Grade X Number of Units) ÷ Total Number of Units

For instance, if you have a grade of 1.5 in Education with 3 units, 1.2 in Chemistry with 2 units, and 1.1 in Philosophy with 3 units, your Grade Weighted Average will collect as follows:

Education: 1.5 x 3 = 4.5

Chemistry: 1.2 x 2 = 2.4

Philosophy: 1.1 x 3 = 3.3

At the next step sum up the results getting aggregate grades

Aggregate Grades = 4.5 + 2.4 + 3.3 = 10.2

Now sum up the credit units.

Total Number of Credit Units = 3 + 2 + 3 = 8

Finally divide the aggregate grades by the total number of credit units getting a Gettin grade weighted average.

GWA = 10.2 ÷ 8 = 1.275

How To Compute GWA For A High School?

In high schools, there are no corresponding units. What to do in this case? No worries, here is a solution to your problem.


Total Grade ÷ Number of Subjects = GWA

Just sum up your total grades and divide by the total number of subjects to get Grade Weighted Average.

Advantages of Computing Student’s GWA

  • It provides a more accurate representation of a student’s overall performance.
  • Encourage students to be more focused on assignments that are more heavily weighted in grade calculation.
  • Keep motivated students to work harder.
  • It represents a clearer picture of a student’s progress throughout the course.
  • Helpful for instructors while deciding on a final grade for a student.

Disadvantages of GWA

  • The explanation might be difficult for students, particularly if they are not familiar with the basic concept.
  • Computing creates confusion and frustration for students if they don’t understand its impact on their overall grades.
  • Its calculation is a time-consuming process for the instructors.

Final Thoughts

In actuality, calculating Grade Weighted Average is not as rocket science as it sounds. You can do it easily using a GWA calculator or through manual computation. One thing that you must know is the way of computing or the formulas. Remember that every institution has a different grading system. This way, having good grades from one institution may not be good for another one. As you can see, we covered every minute detail in this guide, and we are confident that after reading this guide, you will be able to compute your GWA whether for university, college, or high school.

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