PUP Grading System in Philippines

PUP Grading System

What is the pup grading system equivalent in 2023? Let’s figure it out!! The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) stands as a beacon of quality education. Fostering the growth and development of students in the Philippines. Founded in 1904, PUP has grown to become one of the most reputable institutions in the Philippines. Offering … Read more

College Grading System in Philippines

College Grading System Philippines

In the Philippines, the college grading system evaluates the student’s performance during the educational period. Eventually, it provides insights to measure the students’ achievements and further academic standings in the educational system.  List of College Grading Systems in Philipines Here is the List of all universities and college Grading systems that are currently working in … Read more

Get Deped Tambayan Grade 9 (1-4 Quarters)

Deped Tambayan Grade 9 | Guide to Academic Success

Grade 9 students have access to a variety of resources (quarter DLLs, SLMs, and other assessment learning & teaching guides) provided by DepEd Tambayan. These resources cover various subjects, including MAPHE, social sciences, Mathematics, physical education, arts, and more.  Meanwhile, this educational platform, DepEd Tambayan, ensures you’ve self-learning materials. These are prepared to support your … Read more

How to Compute Grades in Card?

How to Compute Grades in Card?

How to Compute Grades in Card? It’s a delightful perspective to get surprises in different circumstances. Meanwhile, getting our implausible grades isn’t an entertaining surprise. The best option is to stay familiar with calculating your grades. This way can prevent yourself from unpleasant shocks when you receive your report card. So, how to calculate your … Read more

BARMM Job Portal Registration Online Philippines

BARMM Job Portal Registration and Job fast

To facilitate people finding jobs, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) introduced an online platform. This allows people to apply for jobs in the region from their homes. Going from one place to another for dropping CVs and searching for vacancies is time-wasting. So, this step by the government facilitated the masses to … Read more

College Grade Equivalent (Philippines)

College Grade Equivalent (Philippines)

The educational system in the Philippines uses an exclusive grading system than other countries. Students need to know the college grade equivalent with other worldwide educational institutes.  Equivalency of College Grading in the Philippines However, there is a 4-digit scale to measure the educational grading of students. This 4-digit scale is usually equivalent to the … Read more

What is a Passing Grade in College?

What is a Passing Grade in College

Grade point average (GPA) represents the average score obtained for all the credits completed in the Philippines college. This grading system is usually utilized in all institutes, whether they are providing special studies or regular courses. The common approach is passing grades in the Philippines are computed according to courses taken at the same academic … Read more

Salary Grade Philippines

Salary Grade Philippines

Looking for a rewarding government career in the Philippines? You may know that Government jobs provide job security, stability, and a fruitful career in public service. Such facilities aren’t accessible in many private sector jobs. However, you can look at our salary grading table for comprehensive information on benefits, compensation, skills, incentives based on your … Read more

Reading for Grade 1

Reading for Grade 1 (Philippine)

Do you’ve Grade 1 learners who struggle with reading? Reading is extremely important as it enhances learning in all areas and aspects of life. It’s crucial for effective teaching and learning, especially at the primary level.  CHECK: DepEd Grading System Philippines Our goal is to generously assist your learners in making proficient readers who can … Read more

How to Compute Grades in Excel?

How to compute grades in Excel with formula

When you are computing your grades in Excel, you’re capable of utilizing multiple nested IF statements in Excel. These IF statements let you determine the letter grades using a percentage score. Although, this approach can be quite complex. Fortunately, Microsoft introduced a more straightforward alternative in 2016 called the IFS function. While using the IFS … Read more