GWA To Percentage Calculator

GWA is a famous and mostly used student academic calculation system. What if your future institution requires a percentage of your GWA (Grade weight average)? Are you worried because you might miscalculate the percentage? Undoubtedly, the wrong calculation can lead to loss of admission or opportunity. Here comes the GWA to Percentage Calculator, which converts your GWA value to percentage in a click.

GWA to percentage converter is an online tool and free to use. The percentage applied can be used in any institution that requires a percentage of your overall GWA. Nonetheless, it’s important to have knowledge of this fantastic tool. This guide thoroughly addresses the details, benefits, how to use it, and much more. Let’s get deeper into the details!

GWA To Percentage Calculator

CHECK: GWA To Percentage Calculator

What Is GWA to Percentage Calculator?

Recall that it’s a free and easy-to-use tool that helps convert a student’s grade point average into a percentage. This tool is useful for institutions (schools, colleges, universities) and students seeking national or international scholarships. Nevertheless, it also helps keep track of your overall academic progress.

The formula is simple, but many students find it difficult. The tools take a record of your grading system, calculate the percentage in the background, and use it wherever you want. In particular, this tool is a very effective, quick, and accurate way to determine the percentage. Calculate the percentage while applying for a scholarship and ensure whether you are eligible for it or not.

For Example:

Suppose a student has obtained the following grades in subjects.

  • History: B+
  • English: A-
  • Math: A
  • Science: B
  • Art: C+

Next, we need to apply the numerical values corresponding to each grade. We are using a standard grading system here. Check out the numerical value for each subject below:

  • History: 3.3
  • English: 3.7
  • Math: 4.0
  • Science: 3.0
  • Art: 2.3

Now the GWA will be:

GWA = 3.0 + 4.0 + 2.3 + 3.7 + 3.3) / 5 = 3.26

Further, multiply it by 25 and subtract 25 at the end. The percentage will be:

Percentage = (3.26 by 25) – 25 = 71.5%

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How To Use GWA To Percentage Converter?

Check out the simple steps below to use this converter, even if you use it for the first time. Yes, it’s super easy to use on devices such as laptops, mobiles, or PCs.

Step 1: Open our GWA to Percentage calculator.

Step 2: You must remember your GWA. If you don’t have it, use the method mentioned in the above example to calculate it.

Step 3: Open the calculator’s main screen, and you will see an input/search bar.

Step 4: Input the GWA in the available space and click Convert.

Step 5: Wait a few seconds; the calculator might take a bit of loading.

Step 6: Congrats! The final percentage from GWA will be shown on the screen.


If you use this fantastic conversion tool, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Error-Free Conversion: Manual conversions might have errors, but this tool helps you a lot. It provides accurate percentage value quickly and easily to the students and institutions.
  • It’s Time-Saving: It answers the percentage within seconds. Yes, it’s extremely time-saving and useful for everyone.
  • Easy-to-use Tool: No practice or knowledge is required to use it. Put the GWA value in the empty space, press convert, and get an exact percentage.
  • Assist In Academic Planning: When you complete your studies and want to apply for international scholarships, this tool greatly helps you. Plan your admission journey by calculating and estimating your percentage.


What is the percentage equivalent of GWA?

GWA gives the academic performance of a student in all subjects. However, percentage converts all the grades into a numerical value giving an overall percentage value. It’s particularly used at all levels, such as school, university, and college.

How do I use a GWA to percentage calculator?

First, you must have the GWA value. If not, calculate it manually. After that, open the GWA to the percentage calculator and enter the value in the available space. Click on the “Calculate” button and get the percentage immediately.

Can I use the GWA to percentage calculator for all grading systems?

No, they are built with different grading systems. You must read the info about the converter before calculation.

Does the GWA to percentage converter give accurate answers?

Yes, it gives accurate answers according to the given grading system. Make sure to check the grading system used for the calculation to prevent miscalculations.


To sum up, it’s a very helpful tool for the students and the academic organization for a quick percentage calculation. It converts the values quickly, and easily and provides accurate answers. Yes, it’s time-saving and assists students in their academic planning. We recommend you use this reliable calculator and prevent manual calculations from reducing errors.

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