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SubjectNumber of UnitsFinal Grade
Subject 1
Subject 2
Subject 3

You can download this data as an excel sheet. You can use gwa to percentage method as well.


How to Compute GWA in college and online?

Next, add all the weighted grades, which will be 27 + 16 + 21.25 + 22.5 = 86.75. And after that, compute the GWA.

To calculate the GWA, divide the total weighted grade by the total weight or percentage of all categories. In our example, the total weight or percentage of all categories is


So GWA for the history subject will be 86.5 / 100 = 86.75%

This is how an online GWA calculates the Philippines perform its work. You can also use these steps for manually calculating the GWA.

How To Use the Online GWA calculator?

Using the GWA calculator may seem daunting, but it’s super easy to use. All you need to do is fill in the required information and let the calculator do the rest of the job.

Below we will take you on a step-by-step procedure for using the online GWA calculator. Each step is essential, so make sure you stick to the end.

Choose a reliable online calculator

The first and most important step for using the G-W-A calculator is to search for a reliable option. The internet is flooded with thousands of gwa computations, and it’s your job to hit the right choice.

What’s the right option? Well, a G-W-A calculator with all the necessary features, like a basic calculator, GPA conversion, etc., should serve the purpose well.

Input your Grades

Once you have chosen a perfect and reliable GWA calculator, the next step is simply heading towards that calculator and inputting your grades.

 Most calculators will ask for your grades in each subject or course and the corresponding credit units. So make sure to fill in accurate information to get perfect results.

Check for any adjustments.

Most GWA calculators might ask you about additional information like advanced classes or additional honors points, so thoroughly check before hitting the calculate button.

Choose a grading system.

Choosing your grading system is one of the most important steps for calculating the GWA, as it can significantly affect your outcomes. Usually, two grading systems are used for the G-W-A calculators: a 4-point grading system and a 100-point grading system.

The 4-point grading system is mainly used in the United States, while the 100-point grading system is used in the Philippines.

So make sure to pick the correct grading system.

Click on Calculate Button

Once you have found the correct information, filled in the right information, and picked up the right grading system, you only have to press the calculate button. The calculator will calculate, and you will have your GWA in front of the screen within a few seconds.

The speakers announce your name on stage, and you walk in proudly and can sense the overwhelming sound of clapping from your friends and teachers.

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Yes, you are right! These are your parents. Who burns their sweat and blood to get a glimpse of your happiness. And this alone is a powerful reason to get good grades.

Whether getting high school scholarships or securing a top spot in a prestigious university in the Philippines, good grades fuel your academic decisions and help you achieve your goals.

But let’s face it, amongst the enormous pressure of education and a continuous blood-sweating, thrives on getting to the top position. Calculating your grades is overwhelming, especially when calculating your general weighted average (GWA).

That’s where the best online GWA calculator jumps in. This calculator releases the stress from manually calculating your GWA in the Philippines and helps you come up with accurate and quick results.

No more guessing and pulling your hair out of stress; with this friendly tool, you can easily calculate your GWA in the Philippines. And in this article, we will guide you through everything about the online GWA calculator.

From how to use the online G-W-A calculator to the top benefits of the GWA calculator to crush your grades, we will walk you through each detail.

So if you want to get good grades and release the pressure of calculating your GWA in the Philippines, then read until the end. This blog post will be a gold mine for you.

What is GWA or general weighted average?

The General Weighted Average or GWA is a metric used in the Philippines to measure a student’s academic performance. It represents the average grade a student has earned over a certain period of time.

This average grade is based on the weight of each subject or course. GWA is calculated through credit hours of each course.

In the Philippines, GWA is calculated by adding the weighted average of each course subject and dividing it by the total number of credit hours. Now how the weight of each subject is calculated?

Well, the weight of each subject or course is calculated by multiplying the grade with the number of credit hours of that particular course. And then adding up those values, of course, dividing it by the total number of credit hours.

Let’s put it through an example. Suppose you have five courses with three credit hours each, so your GWA will be calculated by multiplying the grades of each course with their respective credit hours and then adding these credit hours and dividing them by the total credit hours.

Still, feeling confused? Don’t worry; we will dive into the GWA calculator Philippines working process later in this article.

GWA is not just calculated to brag about your grades with your friends. This Philippines metric is very important to make or break your future academic goals. The GWA is a measure to decide if you can avail the top spot in high school or grab that fully-funded scholarship.

Most universities put in a standard minimum GWA to allow students to take admission. And that’s not it. You need a good GWA to spice up the mark sheet and get high-income jobs.

Yes, skills matter more than grades, but grades add bells and whistles to your skills. And with a high GWA and top-notch skills, you can be more productive and successful than ever. These were some of the reasons why GWA is a calculator.

But remember, it’s not the same as GPA. Most of the students think these metrics are the same. They are partially right, as both metrics evaluate a student’s grade performance. But this is where the similarities end.

The first difference is the location. GPA is most commonly used in the United States and several Asian states, but GWA is for the Philippines. Apart from the location difference, the calculating process of both metrics is also different.

GWA is calculated using credit hours. It takes the weight of each course into account and then divides it with the number of credit hours. Contrary to this, GPA is calculated through the point system.

It assigns numerical values to each grade. Despite their difference, both metrics are used for judging academic performance and scoring high on both means better educational opportunities.

This was all about a brief explanation of GWA, and now we will move on to different types of GWA calculators.

Types of (GWA) General Weighted Average computation

When thinking about a GWA calculator, the first thing that comes to mind is that it must be an online calculator. The calculator is divided into three types.

  1. The online G-W-A calculator
  2. The offline G-W-A calculator
  3. The manual G-W-A calculator

We will discuss each of them and decide which is the most efficient way to calculate your GWA.

1- The Online G.W.A calculator

As the name suggests, the online G-W-A calculator is a web tool that calculates GWA using an internet connection. These calculators are most often free to use, and students can access them anywhere.

This makes it very convenient. Moreover, the interface is user-friendly, so you don’t need internet or tech experience to use this calculator.

Moreover, these online GWA calculators can be customized to calculate specific grades through different calculator methods. This makes them more versatile than any of the calculators.

Moreover, this online calculator also allows students to convert their GWA into grades, which might be helpful when applying for scholarships.

Another example is the online GWA calculator Pisay, designed for the Philippines science high school students. The GWA calculator Pisay calculates the GWA based on the grading criteria of that school.

2- The Offline G.W.A Calculator to Download

The offline GWA calculators are software-based tools that can be downloaded from the web. These calculators don’t need an internet connection to operate, which makes them the best option for students who don’t have a wifi connection. The features are more or less the same as the online G W A calculator.

Examples of offline GWA calculators are the android ones and the windows calculator. Both of these G.W.A calculators can be downloaded to respective operative systems easily.

3- The Manual G.W.A calculator

The manual GWA calculators are the retro G/W/A calculators. These calculations are based on formulas and charts. Manual calculators are less convenient than online or offline ones. Still, they can be helpful when you need access to online or offline G-W-A calculators.

The most common example of the Manual G.W.A. calculator is the formula-based calculator. Here students use a mathematical formula to calculate their GWA. The formula for this GWA calculator is

GWA= (Total Grade Points / Total Units) X Conversion Factor)

Where total grade points are the sum of the grade points earned in each course, total units are the total number of units taken, and the conversion factor is a value that varies depending on the grading scale of different schools.

Which G W A calculator is best to calculate GWA?

The online GWA calculators are undoubtedly the best general weighted average calculators of all. Online GWA calculators are more accurate than any other gwa converters. Moreover, they are highly user-friendly, and students can easily use them.

And the online GWA calculators are frequently updated. This makes them more secure and compatible.

Adding more to this, the online GWA tool comes with additional features like GPA conversion or planning tools. This makes them more versatile than any other GWA calculator.

Now you know that the online GWA computation Philippines is the best one when it’s about crushing your grades, so let’s head up to the working process of the online GWA calculator.

A practical example of the working of the GWA calculator

Here’s a practical example of the GWA calculator Philippines working process. This example is based on the 100-point grading system used in the Philippines.

Note that the calculator will perform its job solely once you input every piece of information. Still, to make you better understand the process, we will define each step manually. This also includes calculating your GWA manually.

Determine the weights of each category for a particular course.

Assume you are a high school student who wants to calculate his GWA. So the first step is to determine the weight percentage of each category of a particular course. Suppose the course or subject is history, and the following are the weights allotted to its categories.

  • Quizzes 30%
  • Assignments 20%
  • Midterm 25%
  • Final Exam 25%

Input the grades for each category.

Now once you have got the weights of the course. The next step is to input the grades you received for each category. Let’s say you got the following grades in each category

  • Quizzes 90,
  • Assignments 80,
  • Midterm 85
  • Final Exam 90

Input the weights of each category.

Once you have input the grades, the next step is to input the category weights for that particular course. We have already assumed the weights as

  • Quizzes 30%
  • Assignments 20%
  • Midterm 25%
  • Final Exam 25%

So fill in this information into the calculator.

Calculate the weighted grades for each category.

After correctly filling in all the information, you need to press the calculate button. But to make you better hold the grip of the process, we will explain the calculation manually.

So after filling in the grades and their weights, the next step is to calculate the weighted grades for each category.

You will do this by multiplying the grades by their weights.

  • Quizzes: 90 x 0.30 = 27
  • Assignments: 80 x 0.20 = 16
  • Midterm exam: 85 x 0.25 = 21.25
  • Final exam: 90 x 0.25 = 22.5

Benefits of Using an online GWA Computation

The GWA calculator packs multiple benefits than just being a tool for simple calculation. Here are some benefits of using the online GWA calculator.


When calculating your GWA, a single point here and there can make or break your academic goals. This is the fault with manual GWA calculators, as these formula-based calculators are prone to human errors.

This is true when applying for high scholarships. If you calculate the GWA manually and there is an error, you might be exempted from the scholarship program. This is where the online GWA calculator comes into play.

The online GWA calculator is far more accurate than manual offline calculators. It provides results within seconds without any human intervention.

Moreover, these calculators are frequently updated to remove any bugs or errors. This makes them a viable and accurate option for calculating your GWA.


Using the online gwa computation tool frees up a lot of time. You see, manually calculating your GWA requires inputting different factors like the categories’ weights and the course’s total weight. This takes up a lot of time and may seem daunting, which can cause inaccurate results.

For example, if you were to calculate the GWA of your first two semesters, each having five subjects. Then for the manual calculation, you would need to calculate the weights of each category of every course.

This can be very time-consuming and, most of the time, exhausts the students. On the other hand, the online GWA calculator needs the initial information, and it will do the rest of the job on its own.

Furthermore, the online GWA calculator lets you calculate your GWA in real-time, meaning you can see the results instantaneously after putting in the grades.

This really comes in handy when you want to track your academic performance or view your performance over the semester. You can play with this calculator by putting different grade scenarios to check how it affects your GWA.


The online GWA calculator is versatile and easily accessible. As for manually calculating your GPA, you need to carry a manual calculator every time, which can be tiring and cumbersome.

Moreover, manual calculators are only compatible with some universities or scholarship programs you want to apply to.

On the other hand, you can use the online GWA calculator anywhere you want. Whether you want to apply to different universities or want to know your semester progress, you can efficiently calculate your GPA without stressing yourself.

User-friendly interface

For students who are not tech-savvy, the online GWA calculator is a saviour for them. This calculator comes with a sleek and user-friendly interface that makes it suitable for almost every user.

Contrary to complex offline GWA calculators, the online GWA calculator doesn’t put you under stress and asks for the necessary information to perform the calculation.

Whether you are accessing the tool through desktop or mobile, the interface well suits every device.

Compatible with different grading systems

Another sound benefit of the online GWA calculator is its compatibility with different grading systems. The manual GWA calculators only deal with one or two types of grading system. But the online GWa calculator features multiple grading systems, such as 4-point and 100-point grading criteria.

Different schools use different grading systems, and this is where the online GWA calculator comes in handy.

The calculator suits different grading systems, making it a breeze to calculate GWA as you don’t have to convert the results from one grade system to another manually.


Do all schools in the Philippines use the same grading system for calculating GWA?

Different schools in the Philippines have other grading systems for calculating GWA. However, most of the schools use either a 4-point or 100-point system.

How is GWA calculated in college samples?

The method for finding the GWA in college differs from institution to institution. It also depends on grading systems. However, the most common way to calculate GWA in college is to add all the grade points earned for each subject and divide them by the total number of units taken.

What is GWA grade equivalent to?

In the Philippine education system, the GWA ( Grade weighted average) is equivalent to numerical grading that measures a student’s academic performance. It ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being the highest and five being the lowest.

Is GPA and GWA the same?

No, GPA and GWA are not the same. Both are used to evaluate a student’s academic performance, but GPA is calculated by assigning numerical values to letter grades and then averaging them. The grading of GPA starts with 0 and ends with 4. 4 is considered the highest.

On the other hand, GWA is calculated by averaging the numerical values of grades earned in a specific course or subject.

Final Thoughts

The online GWA calculator Philippines is an excellent tool for calculating your GWA. The tool is user-friendly and can operate without any technical experience. Moreover, this tool saves you much time by automating the calculation process.

The results are far more accurate than any other GWA calculator and are versatile. You can use it in any part of the word. All you need is just an internet connection.

So next time you want to calculate your GWA for any academic opportunity, head to the online GWA calculator.