Get Deped Tambayan Grade 9 (1-4 Quarters)

Grade 9 students have access to a variety of resources (quarter DLLs, SLMs, and other assessment learning & teaching guides) provided by DepEd Tambayan. These resources cover various subjects, including MAPHE, social sciences, Mathematics, physical education, arts, and more. 

Meanwhile, this educational platform, DepEd Tambayan, ensures you’ve self-learning materials. These are prepared to support your academic journey. So, whether you’re encountering challenges in solving mathematical problems or understanding the concepts of national progress in social studies, this Grade 9 module suits you well. It entirely equips you with the knowledge, educational courses, and skills necessary for your academic and personal growth. 

Download: Deped Tambayan Grade 8 Math Sceince Mapeh English Philipino

Grade 9 Daily Lesson Logs facilitate several educators with a comprehensive outline of progressive teaching activities and strategies for each day’s lesson. These logs are essential tools for planning and organizing classroom instruction according to each educator’s curriculum. Their detailed instructional materials, learning objectives, and assessment methods ensure effective teaching and learning outcomes. 

However, these Grade 9th DLLs are specified for students who are encountering a critical stage of their education. 

  • ARTS – MAPEH – Grade 9th – Quarter2.xlsx – DLL – DOWNLOAD
  • Arts – MAPEH Quarter Q3.xlsx – Grade 9 – DOWNLOAD
  • MUSIC – MAPEH – 1.docx – grading 2nd – 9th Grade –DOWNLOAD
  • MAPEH – MUSIC- 2.docx – 2nd Grading – Grade9 –DOWNLOAD
  • 3rd- Grading – MUSIC – MAPEH – 1.docx – Grade 9 – DOWNLOAD
  • Quarter3.xlsx – P.E. – MAPEH – 9Grade – DOWNLOAD
  • Quarter4.xlsx;- MAPEH – P.E. – Grade9th DLL – DOWNLOAD
  • 2nd to 4th Quarter.doc – Grade 9 – English – Daily Lesson Log – DOWNLOAD
  • 4rt Quarter – Grade 9 – DLLs – Filipino – DOWNLOAD
  • 3rd Quarter – Grade 9th – Daily Lesson Log- Filipino:- DOWNLOAD
  • 2nd Quarter – 9th Grade – Filipino – DLL: DOWNLOAD
  • Period 1st Quarter – Filipino – Grade 9 –DOWNLOAD

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DepEd provides these SLMs along with various other alternative learning methods for different learners nationwide. We’ve integrated SLMs with varing modalities such as radio-based instruction, modular, television-based, and blended online learning as well. The main purpose of all these methods is to ensure fair access to quality basic education for all learners in the Philippines. 

However, these SLMs are also accessible in printed format to educators situated in remote provinces and to those who live without internet access. Meanwhile, for your households with devices, DepEd emphasizes SLMs to be accessed online or offline. Our tutors are eagerly working on preparing these courses and modules for our learner’s ease. 

  • English_ Grade 9_ Quarter 1_ Self Learning Module (SLM)_ DOWNLOAD
  • Math _ Grade 9_ Quarter1St_ Self Learning Module(SLM)_ DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino _ Q1_ Grade 9_ Self Learning Module_DOWNLOAD
  • Araling Panlipunan (AP)_ Self Learning Module (SLM)_Grade 9_ Quarter 1_ DOWNLOAD
  • Science _ Grade9th_ Self Learning Module-SLM_ Qrtr1st_ DOWNLOAD
  • TLE _ 9th Grade _ Quarter1_ Self Learning ModuleSLM_DOWNLOAD
  • Music _ 9thGrade _ Self Learning Module (SLM)9_ 1st Quarter _ DOWNLOAD
  • ESP _ G9_ Quarter 1st_ (SLM)_ Self Learning Module_ DOWNLOAD
  • Arts _ Grade 9th_ (SLM)_ Quarter 1_DOWNLOAD
  • Physical Education _ Self Learning Module_ Grade 9th_ Q1_ DOWNLOAD
  • Health _ Quarter-1_ Grade-9th_ Self Learning Module _(SLM)_ DOWNLOAD
  • Educational Videos _ 9th Grade _ 1st Q_ Self Learning Module (SLM)_ DOWNLOAD
  • Self Learning Module-SLM; English; Grade 9; Quarter 2; DOWNLOAD
  • Self Learning Module (SLM); Grade 9TH; Math; Quarter 2; DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino; Self-Learning ModuleSLM; Grade 9; Quarter 2th;  DOWNLOAD
  • G9; Self Learning Module-SLM; AP; Quarter 2; DOWNLOAD
  • 2nd Quarter;Self Learning Module (SLM); Health; Grade 9th; DOWNLOAD
  • SLM; Educational Videos; Grade 9; Quarter2; DOWNLOAD
  • Self-Learning Module; TLE; 9th Grade; Quarter 2; DOWNLOAD
  • Quarter 2;Self LearningModule; Science; Grade 9; DOWNLOAD
  • Music; Self Learning Module (SLM); 9th Grade; Quarter 2nd; DOWNLOAD
  • Self-Learning Module-(SLM); Qrtr 2; ESP; G9; DOWNLOAD
  • Grade9; Self Learning (SLM); Physical Education; Quarter 2; DOWNLOAD
  • Arts;Self Learning Module SLM; Grade9; Quarter-2nd; DOWNLOAD
  • English: Quarter 3rd: SLM: Grade 9:- DOWNLOAD
  • Math: 3rd Quarter: SL Module: Grade 9th:- DOWNLOAD
  • Filipino: SL Module: 3rd Quarter: 9th Grade:- DOWNLOAD
  • Araling Panlipunan (AP): 9thGrade: 3rd Q: SLM:- DOWNLOAD
  • TLE: 3Quarter: SLM: G9:- DOWNLOAD
  • Science: Self Learning Module (SLM): Q3: G9:- DOWNLOAD
  • Music: SLM: Quarter 3: G9th: – DOWNLOAD
  • G9th: Quarter 3: SLMs: ESP:- DOWNLOAD
  • Arts: SLM: Quarter 3th: G9th:- DOWNLOAD
  • Physical Education: G9: 3rh Q: SLM:- DOWNLOAD
  • Educational Videos: G9:- 3rd Quarter: SLM: DOWNLOAD
  • Health: Self Learning Module: Q3rd: G9:- DOWNLOAD
  • Try to accomplish each module exercise cautiously. Regarding this, you must avoid making unnecessary marks on your module sheet. You may utilize a surplus sheet of paper for your answers.
  • Learners must have complete confidence and complete the portion “What I Know” before going to complete the challenging part. 
  • There can be varying instructions for each grade or for each quarter/module. Clearly note all instructions of your educators before starting it.
  • Once checking your answer and completing your task, you should maintain your integrity and honesty for learning and growing.
  • The remarkable point is to focus on completing one exercise or task before moving on to the next.
  • When completed successfully, please return it to your teacher. 

Therefore, you should be confident while completing your task; you’re not alone here because numerous educators and self-learners routinely complete their tasks and grow their knowledge. Get download all grade data from one page. You shouldn’t consult your tutor if facing any challenge while growing up. Ultimately, we ensure you to facilitate a satisfactory learning process according to your level of understanding.

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