GWA to GPA Converter: Accurate & Easy-to-Use Grade Conversion Tool

A GWA to GPA converter is a tool that simplifies the GPA calculating process, converting GWA to the GPA system used in a certain institution. This tool is particularly useful for students who have studied in different institutions with different grading systems but want to convert the grades into GPA. Additionally, it is helpful for international students who need conversion used in the United States or other countries. However, what GWA to GPA converter actually is?

In actuality, the GWA to GPA converter is a simple online tool for unit conversions. You simply enter your GWA and the grading system used in certain institutions; the tool will automatically convert your GWA to the GPA within seconds. It saves time, effort and provides an accurate GPA that reflects your academic performance.

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Do you want to know more? In this article, we will elaborate on GWA to GPA converter, what GWA is, what GPA is, and why GWA to GPA conversion is necessary. Let’s read on to know in-depth details.

How to Compute GWA?

What Is GWA?

GWA, or Grade Weighted Average, is a term used in some educational systems to calculate a student’s overall academic performance.

It considers not only the grades received in each course but also the credit hours assigned to each course. The GWA is then used to determine the student’s GPA.

What Is GPA?

Grade Point Average (GPA) is a numerical representation of a student’s academic performance, calculated by GWA earned in all courses over a specific period. The GPA scale ranges from 0 to 4.0 or 5.0, depending on the institution. The standard GPA value is 4.0.

A high GPA indicates that a student has consistently performed well in their courses, while a low GPA may indicate a student struggling academically. It’s an important factor in determining a student’s eligibility for scholarships, internships, and other opportunities. Additionally, it is often used as a benchmark for academic achievement.

How The Converter Works: GWA to GPA?

Here is the simple steps to use the converter in the following:

  • Open our converter’s main page.
  • Enter your GWA and the grading system used in your educational institution into the converter tool. Make sure to understand the terms and input data.
  • The tool will convert the grades earned in each course from the GWA system to the corresponding GPA value based on the grading scale.
  • Now converted grades are multiplied by the credit hours assigned to each course to obtain the weighted grade points for each course.
  • The weighted grade points are then summed up and divided by the total number of credit hours to obtain the GPA.
  • Finally, the tool will display the calculated GPA, allowing one to determine academic performance easily.
How The Converter Works: GWA to GPA?

What’s The Need?

As a student, one of the most important academic performance metrics is grade point average (GPA). GPA reflects academic progress and is a key factor in determining eligibility for scholarships, internships, and other opportunities. However, calculating GPA might be tedious and time-consuming, especially when taking courses from different institutions with varying grading systems. This is where a GWA to GPA converter can be incredibly helpful.

Here are some reasons why there may be a need to convert GWA to GPA:

  • International students who have earned grades in their home country’s grading system may need to convert them to the GPA system for admission or academic purposes.
  • Students who want to transfer from one institution to another need to convert their GWA to GPA.
  • Each institution uses different grading scales, so comparing the academic performance of students who have attended different schools is difficult. GPA assists in comparing students’ performance easily.
  • Some employers or graduate schools require applicants to provide their GPA in a specific format, such as on 4.0 or 5.0 scales, making it necessary to convert from a GWA system.
  • GWA to GPA may help applicants to determine students’ eligibility for various opportunities, including scholarships, internships, etc.

Overall, the need arises from the desire to standardize academic performance measurement across different institutions. Making it easier for students and other stakeholders to understand and compare academic achievements.


How to get my GPA from GWA?

Just open the GWA to GPA conversion tool, enter your obtained GWA value and press convert. After a bit loading, you will get your accurate GPA.

What is the difference between GPA and GWA?

GPA is the short form of Grade Point Average, depicting the average grades. However, GWA (Grade Weighted Average) shows the student’s performance in all the subjects. GPA has the total value of 4.0 while GWA has five points.

How important is GPA?

GPA is very important internationally when you want to get internship, sponsorship, or any international scholarship. It depicts a student’s level of success throughout the coursework. It’s considered internally for scholarships and admissions.


In conclusion, a GWA to GPA converter is a valuable tool for students and institutions too who want to simplify calculating their GPA. It’s easy to use and gives GPA just after entering the values. It’s a time-saving and convenient tool that helps students accurately represent academic performance and opens up various opportunities for future success.

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