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To facilitate people finding jobs, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) introduced an online platform. This allows people to apply for jobs in the region from their homes. Going from one place to another for dropping CVs and searching for vacancies is time-wasting. So, this step by the government facilitated the masses to seek jobs according to their skills.

Like any online portal, you must provide basic information for BARMM job portal registration. Once you register on the platform, you can see the job vacancies, and according to your qualifications, you can apply. If you qualify for the eligibility criteria, you can secure the job. 

how to register at BARMM Job Portal?

In this article, I will guide you on registering on the portal and provide you with all the information regarding BARMM.

Given the region’s unemployment ratio and the problematic hiring process, the government took this step in 2019. They introduced an online portal where unemployed people can register and apply for relevant jobs. It made it convenient for applicants by reducing the time for travel and waiting in long queues.

They can do it easily from the comfort of their homes. This systematic platform allows you to access all the open job vacancies related to your field. You can check the criteria; if you consider yourself eligible, you can apply for the particular job. While applying for the job, you must also submit your resume and documents online. 

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Now, let’s start with the registration process. Like all other job portals, you have to register on BARMM; otherwise, you cannot access or see job posts. Follow these steps to start the registration process:

The first step is to access the BARMM portal/ open the web browser from your device, and enter this web address. You can also click on it to continue from here: 

process to register at BARMM portal

Once the page is open, you will see some informational slots that you are required to fill out for the registration process.

The next step is registering the portal. Follow these steps to complete your registration on the portal:

  • In the first slot, you will provide your email address. Provide your official email address that works because BARMM will send you announcements and notifications.
  • Then, confirm the same Email address in the next slot by typing again. This is to reduce the chances of error or misinformation.
  • In the next slot, set a password; it must be strong. Also, note the password to some safe place so you won’t misplace it.
  • Enter your mobile number in the next slot.
  • Choose a name to display on your portal profile. Go with the name on your official documents to create transparency. 
  • At the bottom of the page, read the privacy note carefully and agree to the terms and conditions. Enter the captcha code and click on “Submit.”
  • Go through all the details carefully before clicking the “submit” option. Be sure that all the information is official and in use.
Filling form of job portal

Once you submit your registration essentials, BARMM will send you an activation link to your Gmail account. Click on it and open it, enter your email address (the same one from the registration process), and then enter your password (the same one from the registration process). Then click on “Log-in”.

After completing these steps, your profile page will appear in front of you. Now, it’s time to complete the BARMM profile.

Once you can see your profile, there will be different categories you have to fill in to give employers a suitable and up-to-date impression of your profile. So, fill in all the details below:

  • Personal Information: Enter your personal information like name, middle name, surname, age, gender, date of birth, ethnicity, etc
  • Education Details: Select the highest qualification level you have, add the name of your degree, etc.
  • Eligibility: According to your degree field, select the jobs or posts you deem yourself eligible for. 
  • Other Details: Enter your home address and upload your certificates and resume in pdf form on the slots. Then, update changes.

After submitting changes, your profile will be in a professional shape. You can edit the information whenever you want. For example, if there is a change in experience year or you want to upgrade your qualification level, you can always do that later. 

Steps to register at

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Explore the portal more to see how it works. You will see job openings according to your eligibility. Please review them and review the specific job criteria, nature of the job, work experience required, etc. 

While applying for a job, provide all the required documents, so your hiring process will be smooth and hassle-free. The portal has jobs with different requirements and eligibility criteria; you can not apply for all the jobs

Make a list of jobs that suit your qualifications and skill set best. Having some experience related to the job vacancy you are applying for is beneficial for your quick selection. Using relevant jobs will increase your chances of being hired. 

Do I require a Resume to register on the BARMM portal?

No, you don’t require a resume to register on the BARMM portal. However, you need a resume after registration and applying for jobs. It is one of the primary demands of employers. 

What is the Minimum qualification to find a job on BARMM?

It depends on the requirements of a specific job; each job has different eligibility criteria. You must be a college graduate to apply for a job on BARMM. Apply for your field jobs to increase the chances of your being hired.

How will I know if I am registered on BARMM or not?

When you add your details to the registration portal and submit them. Shortly, you will receive an activation link in your email; click on the link and log in with your email and password. It will transfer to your profile page. 

The BARRM portal is a testament to the commitment of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao to working for the betterment of the masses. It has provided many individuals with the employment they deserve according to their skills. You can also be one of them by completing BARRM job portal registration; you can access hundreds of jobs matching your skill set.

However, keep in mind that staying transparent throughout the process is an essential system demand. Provide correct and official details because employers cross-match your details with official databases before considering you for hiring.

If you have any questions regarding BARMM, drop by the comment section below. 

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