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Looking for a rewarding government career in the Philippines? You may know that Government jobs provide job security, stability, and a fruitful career in public service. Such facilities aren’t accessible in many private sector jobs. However, you can look at our salary grading table for comprehensive information on benefits, compensation, skills, incentives based on your position, and many more. You’re capable of enjoying a huge range of benefits and competitive salaries along with the protection of tenure. 

The Philippines follows the Salary Grade 2023, which the Salary Standardization Law governs. This Grading Scale categorizes all the employees based on their education and experience. Thus, each job ensures fairness and assigns you a specific pay grade. Whether you’re an accountant, utility worker, computer operator, or teacher, it refers to this year’s salary schedule for your monthly compensation in the public sector.

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However, understanding the salary grades is crucial if you are already working in the government sector or considering such a job. It assists you in determining your potential earnings and ensures potential compensation. Now, if you want to promote your interest in government sectors, our upgraded salary details state that your salary must increase with numerous additional benefits. You must acquire the proper information and ensure you’ve achieved your target data from here. 

Salary Standardization

This procedure organizes employment positions into standardized salary grades and ensures consistent compensation in the government. It refers to each grade corresponding to its job requirements and related responsibilities. This grade reflects your service length and performance during the current term. 

Thus, its entire configuration is updated consistently to reveal the rising prices and inflation. It usually happens by executive orders or legislation. When Congress assigns the appropriate annual bill, the President may initiate across-the-board adjustments. Eventually, this organization aims to establish a living wage for employees and maintain justice in government personnel compensation. 

Law of Salary Standardization

The Republic Act No. 11466 of 2019 ensures annual salary increases for government employees in the Philippines from 2020 to 2023. It includes multiple forms, such as:

  • Benefits and official allowances,
  • Performance-based incentives,
  • Basic salaries
  • Benefits and allowances for specific purposes.

Hence, the purpose of Salary Standardization Law (SSL) is to standardize your promoting efficiency and accountability in the civil service, integrity, benefits across government agencies, excellence, and productivity. So, aligning government salaries with private sector rates aims to retain and attract dedicated and competent civil servants. 

Which Units are covered in SSL?

It covers civilian government personnel in various agencies and branches, such as:

  • Local government-unit (LGU)
  • GOCCs not included in Republic Act No. 10149
  • Judicial, Legislative, and executive divisions
  • Constitutional commissions and other relevant offices.

Therefore, this law applies to all civilian government employees. It’s regardless of your employment status (contractual, regular, or casual), full-time or part-time basis, and appointment or election.

Salary Grade

The salary range from the lowest to the highest level is represented as the salary/pay grade. You’re assigned your salary grading according to your government job’s responsibilities, education, and position. However, in the Philippines, the salary grades are from 1 (lowest) to 33 (highest). Therefore, each pay grade comprises eight salary steps except for SG 33, which comes with two steps.

You can achieve a step increment once you complete three years of satisfactory and continuous service. When you start your job, your steps will be initiated from 1. Afterward, you may promote your steps with your merit and years of experience. You can accomplish your progress through the steps, reaching Step 8 as the maximum increment within your Salary Grade. 

List of Salary Grades in The Philippines

GradesMonthly Salary

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Salary Step Understanding

Except for the 33rd level (two steps), all paying grades comprise the eight steps. These steps are granted to you by the period (duration) of your job at your specific position. When you get hired for this job, you will be at level 1. After every three years, you can gain your next step. You just keep your efforts to achieve the competent steps.

Nevertheless, all government employees receive a Notice of Step Increment to notify them of their pay raise. This process continues until Step 8 is achieved, which is the greatest rate in a pay Grade.

Salary Grade1st Step2nd Step3rd Step4th Step5th Step6th Step7th Step8th Step
113,00013,10913,21913,32913,44 113,55313,66613,780
213,8191392514,03214.14014,28414,35714, 46814,578
314,67814, 79214, 90515,02015, 13615,25115,36915,486
617,55317,68817,82417,96218, 10018,23818,37918,520
718,62018,76318,90719,05319,19819,34619, 49419,644
819, 74419,92320,10420,28520,46820,65320,84021,029
92 1.12921,30421,4832 1, 66321,84422,02622,21022,396
1023,17623,37023,56523, 76223,96124,16124,36324,567
1127,00027,28427,57327,86528,16128,46228, 76629,075
1229, 16529,44929,73730,02830,32330,62230,92431,230
1331,32031,63331,94932, 26932,59432,92233,25433,591
1433,84334,18734,53534,88835,24435,60535,97136,34 1
1536,61936,99737,38037, 76838,16038,55738,95939,367
1639,67240,08840,50940,9354 1,3674 1,80442,24742,694
1743,03043,48843,95144, 42044,89545,37645,86246,355
1846, 72547,22847.73848,25348, 77649,30549,84050,382
1951,35752,09652,84753, 61054,38655, 17455,97656,790
2057,34758,18159,03059,89260,76961,66062, 56563,485
2271,51172,57773,66174, 76275,88177,0 1978, 15779,349
2490,07891,54893,04394, 56296,10597,67499,268100,888
27131, 124133,264135,440137, 650139,897142,180144,501146,859
28148,171150,589153,047155, 545158,083160,664163, 286165,951
29167,432170,166172,943175, 766178,634181,550184, 513187,525
30189,199192,286195,425198,61520 1,856205,151208, 4992 11,902
31278,434283,872289,4 16295,069300,833306,708312,699318,806
32331,954338,649345,478352, 445359,553366,804374,202381,748
33419,14 4431,718      

Salary Grading according to varying Government Positions

Executive Category

It is the top government official category in the Philippines with the highest-paying wage Grades.

PositionSalary GradesSalary
President33₱419,144.00 to ₱431,718.00
Senate PresidentHouse of Representatives SpeakerVice PresidentSupreme Court Chief Justice32₱331,954.00 to ₱381,748.00
SenatorExecutive SecretaryCongressmanSolicitor GeneralSupreme Court Associate JusticeDepartment SecretaryConstitutional Commission ChairmanAdditional positions of equivalent/relevant rank31₱278,434.00  to ₱318,806.00
Department Undersecretary Constitutional Commission CommissionerAdditional positions of equivalent/relevant rank30₱189,199.00  to ₱211,902.00


Professional Supervisory

Within this Salary Grade category in the Philippines, there are quite managerial roles ranging from 9-33. Consequently, if you’re willing to occupy this position, you must possess the minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. Furthermore, you need to demonstrate extensive expertise in this respective domain. 

Associated Job Positions:

  • Director II
  • Engineer IV
  • Senior Vice President
  • Elementary-Schooling Principal I

Professional Non-Supervisory

This specific class employee has accomplished his four-year degree program. Therefore, the staff members possess extensive expertise in a particular profession or discipline in sciences or arts. The Salary Grades assigned to the non-supervisory Professional category are 8-30.

Related Positions:

  • Statistician I 
  • Teacher I
  • University Professor
  • Chemist I 
  • Tourist Receptionist I
  • Municipal Treasurer
  • College Professor 

Sub-Professional Supervisory

The classification includes overseeing employees engaged in clerical, manual, or technical occupations. So, this category necessitates the presence of staff members who possess vocational or secondary education. Instead of it, they should have completed two years of college education. Ultimately this sub-professional supervisory employee is allocated Salary Grades range 4-18. 

Related Position:

  • Bookbinder IV
  • Electrician Foreman
  • Chief Bookbinder

Sub-Professional Non-Supervisory

Those employees are engaged in routine or manual tasks without the responsibility of supervising others. 1-10 salary grades are granted to this category. Moreover, employees within this group include those who have completed vocational, elementary, or secondary education. Fortunately, college undergraduates are also included in this category. 

Related Positions:

  • Proofreader II
  • Staff Aide
  • Draftsman I
  • Dental Aide
  • Administrative Aide III

Local Government Units (LGUs) Salary Grade

In LGU, employees’ compensations vary from that of national government employees. The LGU’s income department determines the salary amount, such as 1st class, 2nd class, and so on. 

So, in first-class and select cities, LGU workers receive identical wages to their counterparts in Philippines government agencies. In first to sixth-class municipalities and second-to-sixth-class cities, employees are paid a %age of the pay grade specified in the SSL.

Table of Cities and Provinces Salary Grade

Income%age Salary
Special Cities100%
Class 1st100%
Class 2nd95%
Class 3rd90%
Class 4th85%
Class 5th80%
Class 6th75%

Table of Municipalities Salary Grade

Income%age Salary
1st Class90%
2nd Class85%
3rd Class80%
4th Class75%
5th Class70%
6th Class65%

These employees receive the heavy income that those who are acquiring similar positions in municipalities or lower cities.

Salary Grade of Public School Tutor

Public school teaching positions possess Teacher I – Master Teacher IV. Their salary grades are in the range of 11-21. Moreover, four new teaching positions (IV, V, VI, VII) with higher salary grades were added in late 2019.

However, starting as Teacher I with a salary grade of 11, entry-level public school teachers received a monthly basic salary of PHP 22,316 in 2020. It increased annually until reaching PHP 27,000 in salary grade 2023 under the SSL.

Therefore, you have analyzed the salary grade information conveniently. Now you should focus on developing your skills, enhancing your qualifications, and consistently performing at a high level. However, it’s essential to go through the salary grades. Knowing it appropriately allows you to communicate with higher authorities, perform actively at your rank, and contribute to your supervisors. It leads to growing your chances of salary grade increments.


Thanks to the implementation of the Salary Standardization Law (SSL), public servants in the Philippines receive an equitable and respectable income. This aspect exhibited their dedication and valuable contributions to the nation’s advancement. It’s great evidence that the presence of uniform salary structures greatly motivates the existing workforce. It also lures highly skilled individuals to pursue careers in government service. Furthermore, the three-year salary increments serve as a warning for civil servants to explore opportunities overseas. Or they may find jobs in the private industry, as they experience fewer motivations to seek better prospects elsewhere. 

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