College Grade Equivalent (Philippines)

The educational system in the Philippines uses an exclusive grading system than other countries. Students need to know the college grade equivalent with other worldwide educational institutes. 

Equivalency of College Grading in the Philippines

However, there is a 4-digit scale to measure the educational grading of students. This 4-digit scale is usually equivalent to the U.S. education grade system. You can see the 5-digit scale in some other universities as well. However, these rely on their equivalent passing grade of 3.00.  

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Hence, if you’re willing to acquire educational progress or qualify for scholarships, you must learn the equivalent system of your college. We’re providing you with convenient and tranquil ways to know about your grading. Let’s suppose you desired to know the equivalency of a 1.1 grade at your college:

1.197-98Very Good

Meanwhile, the equivalency of 1.75 can stand as follows at the Philippines Polytechnic University:

Grade Scale 1st2nd ScaleUS Grading System
1.00 – 1.2497.00 – 100.00A
1.25 – 1.4993.00 – 96.99A-
1.50 – 1.7489.00 – 92.99B+
1.75 – 1.9985.00 – 88.99B

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Grades Conversion

You’re capable of finding out your grades on account of your credit hours. Though with your GWA, you need to go through these steps:

  • You’ve to multiply your obtained numeric grades with the entire credit hours of your selected studies.
  • Sum up these numbers accordingly.
  • Now divide 45 with whole credit hours time. For instance, it’s taken as 13
  • Ultimately, your GWA, according to your course Credit hours, is 3.46.

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Other Countries’ high school graduation Equivalency

You can view the important thing as all grades are convertible to the high school’s grading system:

A86 to100%
B73 to 85%
C+67 to 72%
C60 to 66%
C-50 to 59%
F0 to 49%

High School Equivalency in the Philippines 

The equivalency of high school graduation is straightforward to consider for you. The 12 year course comprised this higher schooling diploma:

CourseAcceptable Subjects in the Philippines
English 11No
English 12No
Chemistry 11Post-secondary Chemistry; 3.0 credits (or General Chemistry 1)
Chemistry 12Post-secondary Chemistry; 6.0 credits (or General Chemistry 2)
Biology 11Post-secondary Biology; 3.0 credits (or General Biology 1)
Biology 12Post-secondary Biology; 6.0 credits (or General Biology 2)
Physics 11Post-secondary Physics; 3.0 credits (or General Physics 1)
Physics 12Post-secondary Physics; 6.0 credits (or General Physics 2)
11 Math’s PrinciplesPost-secondary Math; 3.0 credits (or General Math 1)
Principles of Math 12Post-secondary Math; 6.0 credits (or General Math 2)

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Grading Points Equivalency System

Some examples of grading equivalencies of various universities and colleges in the Philippines exist. It includes De La Salle Health, Adventist University Philippines, D. L. Salle-College of Saint Benilde, and a few others follow:

Grade PointEquivalenceGrading Description
3.5093–96%      Superior
3.0089–92%Very Good
2.5085–88%      Good
2.0080–84%      Satisfactory
0.00Below 70%Fail

Manila International School’s Letter Grade System

GradeLetter Equivalence% Equivalence
0.0Fbelow 60%

What is the equivalency of grade 3.0?

If you have got a grade of 3 in your term in the Philippines. Now check your equivalency grade;

3.0 > Equivalent > 83-86% (B Grade).

You’ve achieved an average grade in your studying term. So with a little more improvement, you can acquire good results.


Does Philippine College follow the Standard Grading system of equivalence?

No, each institute has established its grading standards. So, there is no specific or standard grading equivalent system.

Equivalency ranges varying in all colleges and universities depending on their subjects and other academic qualities.

You can’t assume that there is unsourced information about equivalency. The basic system follows the 4-scaling system. Still, this system may include 0.00-4.00 (1.00-5.00), where four is greater, and 0 is the lowermost mark.

Why it’s essential to learn equivalent college grading?

  • Students may acquire viable scholarships, awards and other benefits
  • You can convert your numeral grades to other institute’s Gwa or letter grading
  • You are capable of establishing more opportunities on account of your grade equivalency

The learners in the Philippines have a grade equivalent system that assists them in acquiring numerous benefits. If you’re studying in any institute, you must know your college’s grading equivalence system. Your numerical grades how can be equal to your Gwa or letter grades. You know that your GWA is computed according to your course remarks assigned by your institute. 

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