What is a Passing Grade in College?

Grade point average (GPA) represents the average score obtained for all the credits completed in the Philippines college. This grading system is usually utilized in all institutes, whether they are providing special studies or regular courses. The common approach is passing grades in the Philippines are computed according to courses taken at the same academic level as the student. 

List of passing grades in colleges and universities of Philippines and other countries as well.

Passing Grade System in the Philippines

Understanding how the Philippines Colleges evaluate their students’ performance is a vital aspect that you need to consider. However, percentage and letter grading systems reveal the passing grades in all institutes. The notable point is all colleges and universities never follow the standard grading system in the Philippines. However, different institutes go with varying grade ranges. That’s why they possess passing grades for each subject. 

However, in the Philippines, certain universities follow the 4-scoring scale. Of these four scores, the higher one is 4.00, and the failing is 0.00. Likewise, colleges with a 5-score point system have allotted a passing grade of 3.00 score. Here, 1.00 is the higher score, and 5.00 is the lowermost (fail). 

Passing Grad System of Tarlac State University (Engineering and Technology College)

1.2595–98%Very Good
5.00Less than 60%Fail

The scale of Grading Point (1.00-5.00) Polytechnic University in the Philippines

GradesPassing Equivalence %age
1.0092% – 100%
1.2588% – <92%
1.5084% – <88%
1.7580% – <84%
2.0076% – <80%
2.2572% – <76%
2.5068% – <72%
2.7564% – <68%
3.0060% – <64%
4.00Conditional Pass / Fail
5.00< 60%

Latin Honors (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila), University of Santo Tomas, and Philippines, Polytechnic University

Cum Laude>1.45 – 1.75
Magna Cum Laude>1.20 – 1.45
Summa Cum Laude1.00 – 1.20

Manila City’s University also utilizes a particular grading classification for determining retention. This system works on a General Weighted Average (GWA) per semester to determine whether students should continue in their enrolled college or course. In contrast, certain colleges have more strict GWA criteria for retention. Thus, the majority of them require a GWA of at least 2.50 per semester. On the other hand, some other colleges follow the Pass or Fail criteria.

Grading System of Retention (Manila City’s University)

Good standing/passing1.00 – 2.50
Test status<2.50
Warning statusIn two consecutive semesters 2.50

Grade Point System for Passing the Term at Santo Tomas University

1.0096% – 100%Excellent
1.25 -1.5092% – <96%Very Good
1.75 – 2.2584% – <92%Good
2.50 – 2.7579% – <84%Fair
3.0075% – <79%Pass
5.00Below 75%Failure

How 11-year educational system is affected while a student’s age is 6 Years in the Philippines?

  • 7 years Elementary School (6-13 age) > Grades 1 to 7
  • 4 years High School (13-17 age) > Grades 8 to 11

Although this education system is conducted in Philipino and English and started at the end of May and at the start of September. Two major agencies are the Association of Christian School and College Accrediting-Agency, Inc. (ACSC-AAI) and the Philippine Accrediting-Association of School, College, and Universities (PAASCU). These agencies verify and accredit the elementary and higher schools along with the College passing grades program.

Philippines Grading Conversion Scale (letter grading)

ScaleDescriptionGrading Equivalency
A (97-100)/1.00ExcellentA
A- (94-96)/1.50Very GoodA
B+ (91-93)/1.75GoodA-
B (88-90)/2.00Above AverageB+
B- (85-87)/2.25AverageB-
C+ (80-84)/2.50Below Average but PassC
C or D (75-79)/3.00 or 3.50Barely PassD
D or F (0-74)/4.00 or 5.00FailF

Hence, grades A-D are usually accepted as ‘Passing Grades in colleges and schools. 

Therefore, the general grading system is taken as 0%-100% while viewing secondary education. The majority of educational institutes rely on 70-75% passing grades in their grading system. There are some exceptional cases where Philipino departments go for 50%/60% of passing grades, like in the Accounting and Finance Department. If your result is below 65%, it’s mentioned on your transcript as 65% (lower or failing).


Passing grades play a vital role in college education in the Philippines. This system exhibits your successful completion of course requirements in your college. You must understand the entire grading system and fulfill your course expectations. Then you may apply the effectiveness of your studies to acquire good passing grades. Ultimately by knowing all the passing grades, you’re proficient at improving your learning potential. 

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